Hector Glass


Dear guest, my name is Hector and I am your host on this Transformational Trip. I was born in Zurich, Switzerland a multicultural melting pot in the heart of Europe.

As a teenager in the 90’s I got hooked on trance music and started to DJ which lead me to my career as an Event Manager and Festival Producer.

I loved the idea of doing events out in nature and help to create the infrastructure to host up to 10.000 guests under starry nights.

My professional interest was in the field of behavioral psychology which I ended up taking courses at the University of Zurich.

After my second trip to the Amazon and drinking the Ayahuasca medicine I got inspired to create Art and then held exhibitions in the United States, Canada and Switzerland.


Don Eloy Navarro: The Shaman

In the beginning of 2019 i met Eloy Navarro a curandero friend i have known for a couple of Years and realised in deep conversation that we share similar values like honesty, sincerity and a no bullshit hands on, practical attitude. We are both focused on pure plant medicine work without other interfering ideology. We imediately stared to work together in ceremony. As a Teenager he studied for a decade under Julio Llerena and learned the diets and icaros of around 40 plants.

Many of these are also found in his Ayahuasca medicine we drink: Uchu Sanango, Chiric Sanango, Huacapurana, Bobinsana, Huairacaspi, Doctor Caspi, Chullachaqui Caspa, Tamamuri, Camucamu Gigante, Catahua, Lopuna blanca, Cetico, Ayahuma, Chuchuasha, Capirona, Ajos sacha, Ayahuasca and Chacruna.

Over the Years he balanced his plant medicine mixture, so with his Ayahuasca You recieve the maximum effect of all these plant medicines together.

Eloy family and guest
Preparing Medicine

Don Peter Gorman: The Ayahuasca King

In 2010 my friend and first teacher on Ayahuasca Shamanism Peter Gorman introduced me to this beautiful, sacred part of the Amazon Rainforest about 200 km away from the thriving Jungle City of Iquitos.

Check out his Guardian Article here.

I returned every year and then mooved to the Peruvian Amazon in 2016.

In the last five years I have explored and studied the indigenous communities and life changing effect of traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies in combination with Plant Diets. As a result I focus on Maestro Ucho Sanango diets.


First Steps

I became the first student to receive Peters Sapo Burn Master Diploma in Texas and started doing private Sapo healing sessions with his original medicine Sticks.

2015 I initiated Sapo Ceremonies in Ascona, Schaffausen and Zurich, Switzerland and cleansed many people with this medicine to this day.

These days my focus is on pure plant medicines. For intense cleansing I recommend to diet Ucho Sanango plant instead of sapo.  My experience with clients show the cleanse is deeper and longer lasting then Sapo. Also no animals are harmed.

Speedboat with guests


Within these Years I tested around a dozen different locations and shamans.

This knowledge allowed me to scale the quality of a curandero (healer), his ceremony the location and the stuff.

We  offer:

– Private and Safe Camp
– Me having 11 Years of experience working with Ayahuasca
– Eloy, our maestro shaman with 35 Years medicine work experience on all plants we offer
– Pre and After Camp Phone Support
– Iquitos Airport Service
– 24/7 Support Onsite
– Proper Diet
– Free Laundry Service in Camp
– Private Room
– Electricity on Site

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know through a message and click here.