The Phyllomedusa bicolor frog is found all over the Amazon and about the size of a palm. The specifics of its diet in the wild are unknown and in captivity it will not produce “frog sweat”.  The frog is found along the streams banks around two to eight meters above ground level on the trees. It is collected, gets milked, marked and freed again.

2010 I got introduced to this medicine by Peter Gorman who was the the first westener 1986 that recieved treatment in Sapo and Nunu by the Matsés Tribe.

In the application of the sapo medicine tiny dots are burnt on your arm. Then a little sapo sweat is dabbed onto the exposed area.  Instantly your body heats up and you beginn to sweat and your heart pounds. Minutes later you usualy get stomach cramps and vomit.
After 15 min your senses sharpen and stamina increases. Vision and your sense of smell improves and your body starts to feel strong. Traditionaly it is used as a tonic to cleanse and strenghten the body and as a toxin purge for those with grippe.




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